Order Plastic Member Cards 

Order Plastic Member Cards

Plastic membership cards or Custom Plastic Gift Cards are a great way to offer membership benefits to your customers. Cardholders also have access to special discounts, rewards, promotions, and privileges to keep them coming back and attracting new clients through the cheapest form of advertising: word of mouth. By using variable data, your cards can be customized with unique names, account numbers, addresses, etc.

Customers have more choices than ever today, and businesses are always looking for ways to stand out in today’s competitive business landscape.

Business functions and networking events are great occasions to use them. Technology has made it easier than ever for small businesses like plumbers, law firms, and medical practices to order Plastic Member Cards without going over budget.

Why Choose Plastic Member Cards?

With Plastic Member Cards, every business can benefit from their durability and uniqueness. Their popularity can be attributed to several factors:

• Toughness: This is a durable product.

• Uniqueness: Makes your marketing piece stand out from the crowd.

• Thickness: Our cards are 20PT thick, while the average card is 16PT thick.

The marketing materials are excellent, and most customers will keep them for future use. The plastic card can be used as a reward card, VIP card, push card, and so much more, just as it can be used for standard order plastic member cards. You can create eye-catching designs with them!

White Plastic Member Cards

Our white Order Plastic Member Cards (opaque plastic business cards) are slightly thinner than a standard credit card. In addition, this stock has an opaque printing option on both sides.

Clear Plastic Member Cards

Plastic member cards (also known as transparent plastic business cards) are a great marketing tool. The transparency of these cards impresses and intrigues customers who receive them often. You can now see through them entirely because they are now completely transparent. Transparent plastic cards will display your company name, logo, and contact information.

You will turn heads and keep people talking about you and your business. Our Order Plastic Member Cards provide a protective film cover to protect the ink from scratching. Removing the film will reveal the transparency. There is only front printing available, and the ink will be transparent. Just remember to remove the clear protective film when you’re ready to hand them out. View our defensive film video.

Frosted Order Plastic Member Cards

Our most popular card option is the frosted order plastic member card. They are popular because they offer a semi-transparent look while keeping ink semi-transparent. Only the front of the card can be printed.

Rounded Corners Custom Plastic Member Cards

You can choose from the following standard plastic business card options: 14″ or 18″. In addition, a classic oval card is also available.

Custom Printing Available

Plastic Member Cards can be printed with custom dimensions up to 12″ x 18″. For sizes of 4″ x 6″, rounded corners are available. Customers who request standard square corners on their plastic cards can also ask them via custom order.

Design Service Available

Whatever your printing needs, we’ll be happy to help. So whether it’s your first time designing one or you’ve got questions about a new project, we can help.