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Drawstring bags are often considered a successful branding strategy. Why does everyone favor them? Because they are evident and affordable and are often used at upbeat events like festivals, sporting events, farmer’s markets, field trips, and outdoor gatherings. Here are the ways to enhance your business using promotional drawstring bags.

What is a Drawstring Bag?

A drawstring bag is a backpack, and it can be a quick carry-on bag, and you can easily use it as a grab-and-run kind of bag. Everyone often favors custom drawstring bags because they are straightforward, light, and perfect for carrying a hoodie, water bottle, phone, snacks, and essentials outside your home.

These bags have a dual close drawstring, which can also be used as shoulder straps. Kids often slung this bag over one shoulder. Sometimes a branded drawstring backpack will have a fancy style or an outside pocket, but a simple drawstring bag has an easy close, is unlined, and relatively inexpensive. The recipient can easily use a drawstring bag to carry some extra materials while your branding is displayed on its front. These bags offer high visibility at a low cost for small and large businesses.

The Purpose of Drawstring Bags

Most drawstring bags bulk are used to attend a specific function or sports event. People use them to go to a class, gym, or trick or treating. These bags are also used at events like scavenger hunts, field trips, or beach trips. Many people use these bags for sleepovers, laundry days, public venues, and sporting events. When choosing your custom drawstring bag, select one that reflects your budget and branding style.

Are Drawstring Bags Washable?

The best strategy is to clean and dry your custom drawstring bags. Most bags are washable, like cotton or polyester, but they could shrink if exposed to hot air or hot water for too long.

Materials Used to Make Drawstring Bags

Most bags are made using plastic, polyester, cotton, or vinyl, great for amusement parks and stadiums.

Now that you understand what drawstring bags are, let us look at ways to use custom drawstring bags to promote your business. These bags are affordable, versatile, and original. Recipients will love to accept them since they are not another pen but a helpful product. Promotional gifts often compliment online marketing strategies. Your customers will relish an unusual promotional item like a bag and remember your company when they see it online or in malls. After you establish your design, here are some ways you can promote your business using a drawstring bag,

1. Sponsored Functions

You can sponsor a local or sports event to hand out cheap drawstring bags free to spectators or event participants. You can even sell your promotional bags at event venues at a low fee. You can fill these bags with a printed brochure to introduce your products to the recipient. Most people wish they had carried a bag to an outdoor event; hence, everyone will love accepting a free bag at such an event.

2. Online Giveaways

You can escalate your brand awareness through online giveaways. Giveaways can increase your social media count, and this strategy is excellent for building your audience on various channels.

You can give away bags to everyone who signs up for your newsletter. You can send product updates, company news, and new offers to potential clients with a mailing list. Your brand awareness can increase with social media giveaways, and your brand can enjoy a sense of familiarity in the market.

Add an excellent hashtag to your giveaway and ask people to comment, like, and share your post to win the giveaway. This way, you can generate leads, drive engagement, and boost sales. If you are launching a new product, then drawstring bags as giveaways can be a form of product launch. You can even add all the bag recipients into a draw, so the winner receives some of your products.

Align your bags and campaign with your customers. For example, if your target audience is eco-friendly customers, select a drawstring bag with your logo for the giveaway and focus on the fact that it is made using organic fibers. If your target clientele is sports-based, then choose a light backpack. If you give your customers what they would genuinely like, they will respond to your online activities.

3. Purchase Incentive

This is a tried and tested strategy. Offer a personalized drawstring bag with your company logo to all customers that spend more than a specific amount at your offline or online store. People love free things, and this idea will help you build loyalty amongst clients.

4. Expos and Trade Fairs

You can get a stand at an expo or trade fair, and your team can hand out free drawstring bags to attendees who may genuinely seem interested in your stall. You can expect many attendees at such events and thus a larger opportunity to convert more leads into sales. When your sales team contacts attendees for a follow-up, they may remember you and be glad to talk to you if they like your promotional item. You will need to order drawstring bags in bulk if you will be giving them away at such significant events.

5. Sell Drawstring Bags in Store

Many companies often employ this strategy, from fashion houses to machinery manufacturers. You could sell your branded bag in your store to your customers, and these bags can become collectibles, or they can be made in different colors or sizes to appease your customers.

We understand that functional promotional bags can speak volumes about a brand—almost as much as your products. Hence, we process custom orders precisely as per our client’s specifications. Contact us through our website to discuss different ways in which you can raise your brand awareness successfully and affordably.