Five Things You Didn’t Know About Custom Plastic Member Cards

If you want to grow your business, you must focus on developing customer relationships. Plastic Gift Cards can give your company’s marketing campaign an edge. What are plastic member cards? A plastic card can be anything from plastic business cards to plastic cards specifically for members. Plastic cards are a lot cheaper than most marketing methods. An efficient plastic gift card program can help you grow your customers, ignite brand loyalty in existing customers, and retain old customers. Here are five things you may not know about plastic member cards.

1. Gift Cards are Very Popular

The plastic card market is a huge one. As per a survey, over 27 billion dollars are spent on gift cards during the holidays, and people often buy four to five cards on average per holiday season.

This number is solely focused on the holiday season. However, gift cards are bought all year round. People buy gift cards as birthday presents and more. This industry is said to be over a 160 billion dollar industry. People buy gift cards because they want the recipient to feel special. Hence, your company’s Custom Plastic Gift Cards must also appear gift-worthy. The discount does not matter as much as the appearance does. No customer would want to buy a dull paper card. You must offer a card with high print quality that feels good when held. Plastic cards just feel like premium debit cards, and if you also provide cardholders, your customers indeed may purchase them as presents.

2. Gift Cards are Popular during Holiday Season

If the holiday season is upon you, you must Order Plastic Gift Cards for your company. Millions of people buy gift cards during holidays, and as per a survey, over 60% of people said they were considering buying gift cards this holiday season.

Gift cards come in a lot of variety. Gift cards are available for every category, from drugstores to clothing retailers, restaurants, bookstores, sporting goods shops, outdoor gear brands, craft stores, departmental stores, music streaming apps, pizza vendors, video streaming companies, and more. Whatever your clientele, you can get custom plastic cards made for them.

3. Plastic Cards have a Long Shelf Life.

Gift cards themselves do not expire for years, and customers can buy and keep them in their wallets for many years before using them. It can be a great way to promote your brand. You can also purchase Wholesale Plastic Gift Cards to save money. If made with care, plastic cards do not lose their shine or hardness over time, and they can easily be stored and used even after years. Customers can also keep adding funds to their plastic member cards, so you need a card that will last for many years. You do not want to give your customers a bad quality and paper-like member card.

Member cards represent your brand. You need to buy cards that properly show your brand’s quality and impress customers with its longevity. Many people are not aware that gift cards expire. Nevertheless, they do, so if you own a gift card that will expire soon, you should use it or sell it. You can sell gift cards online on many portals.

4. Gift Cards can be registered.

Did you know you could register your gift card? Many people do not use their cards because they lose them, and you can avoid that situation and minimize your loss by registering your card. Every store has a different policy on gift card registration, so you will have to enquire in the store to understand their registration terms. Most bank member cards tend to allow registration, and manyretailers let customers register member cards as well, especially if they offer a rewards program. Registration is a quick process and only includes basic information like contact number, name, card number, and PIN with its expiration date.

5. Member/Gift Cards can be returned.

Did you know you could return unwanted cards to the store? Some stores accept gift cards and pay back the amount to the customer. The cash may be less than the card’s value, but if you were never going to use it, then even a little cash against it is beneficial. Some stores may ask for the gift card’s receipt before taking it back. You can even return member cards so they can be recycled or used in other ways by the store. Gift cards can also be exchanged for store credit. You can look up the terms and conditions for any store’s gift card on their website.


Gift cards may be seen as a lazy present because not much thought goes into selecting them. However, never the less, they are one of the most sought-after presents during the holiday season. Everyone loves receiving gift cards. Using gift cards or plastic member cards as a promotional tool has become standard practice in the past few years. However, there are many things that people do not know about gift cards; we hope from our above-written article, you have learned some more interesting facts about plastic member cards.

In today’s world, when most brands promote digital memberships or offer dull paper cards if you have a premium plastic member card, customers will notice that. A digital card has its benefits, but it also goes unnoticed most of the time. An E-card can easily get lost in someone’s inbox, and people receive dozens of emails every day, so they may fail to notice e-cards or avoid brand emails, considering them spam. A virtual gift card also does not have the same appeal as a physical card. A good quality plastic card will appear premium, and your customers may proudly display them to relatives and friends. Plastic member cards boost a brand’s value and enhance brand awareness.