Create Your Own Custom Shaped USB Flash Drives

Having a custom USB flash drive can be very exciting. With more and more people using laptops and desktop PCs, these storage devices can be handy. Especially since, with custom design, you can always choose the perfect design for you. When it comes to custom shaped USBs, there are many design choices for you. A custom shaped USB is a valuable and stylish gift for your friends or family.

Custom design types for USB flash drive

Ready to customize your USB drive? Before you do that, you should get to know more about the custom design types. To help you out with this matter, here are some of the designs that you can print on your USB drive.


A logo is a critical factor in marketing. If you can imprint your logo on the USB drive, it will benefit your brand’s popularity immensely.


If you do not have a logo, do not worry. You can always print your name, a slogan, or a number on your USB drive. Also, it is best if you could limit it to 10 characters.

Logo and Text

If your flash drive has enough space, you can print both your logo and name. This is very useful for marketing your brand.

Clipart or Mascot

You can add an excellent little clipart to your USB drive or, you could add a mascot with a spirited message.

These are some of the simple customizations that you can do to your flash drive.

3D molded USB Drivers

This is the most popular customization for a USB drive. A 3D design is more attractive than a standard USB drive. Additionally, you can imprint all the designs on the 3D molded USB drive mentioned above. For this 3D design, you can use materials like wood, rubber, metal, leather, plastic and or silicone. With the use of these materials, you can get the best-looking USB drive that you have always wanted. Not only that, all your necessary documents, images and videos will be uploaded to your custom USB flash drive.

When you place an order for a 3D molded USB drive, all you need to do is give the design ideas and materials to the manufacturer. If you need any content uploaded to your 3D molded USB drive, they will do that too.

Things you should consider before ordering a 3D molded USB drive


As we discussed earlier, you can choose any material for your USB Flash Drive. It could be wood, rubber, metal, leather, plastic or silicone. But, choose what is best for you. If you choose a metal or rubber, that would be great. Usually, rubber custom designs are more popular than the other designs.


This is a significant factor you should consider. Always go for a design that suits your budget.

Final Takeaways

A custom shaped USB drive is always much better rather than a regular one. With various designs and high storage, these custom-made designs will give your USB drive a new life and a stylish look. So, don’t be late. Order a custom USB drive today.