5 Reasons Why People Like Custom USB

Are you wondering whether you should buy a custom USB? It is a top-rated product often sought after for company and brand promotions. The personalized USB industry saw a growth of over 15% in the last financial year. As per a survey, more than 75% of people who receive free company USBs become customers.

So why do people favor a custom shape USB for advertising? Well, custom USBs cost less and provide high results. Everyone from large corporations to small businesses and start-ups uses this facility to gain loyalty, customers, and more. Here are the top five reasons why everyone likes custom USBs-

1. Boost Sales

Most molded 3d USB devices are used as promotional products by companies to increase their sales. Promotional items are products with the company’s name, logo, or message. Anything can be used as a promotional product like coasters, bottles, USB drives, and chargers. These products enhance loyalty and brand impressions. Using a personalized USB drive as a promotional product will increase your brand awareness and boost your sales. A recent study highlighted that 50% of people who received a promotional item ended up trying that company’s services. Everyone involved in the survey said they would have tried a product if it had a promo code or discount, and 70% of people said they would like to receive promotional products.

With a USB, you are creating a copy of your website or business card, enhancing your chances of gaining clients. You can order custom USBs at a nominal price compared to other promotional items. USBs are helpful and will stay with prospective customers for a long time.

2. Low Cost Customised Gifts

A 3d moldedUSB can be used as a gift and a low-cost promotional item. You can even make files and add them to the drive before giving them to someone. For example, many travel agencies love custom USBs because the flash drive has their logo, and they can add the itinerary, restaurant suggestions, maps, and other titbits for clients. It is a keepsake as well as a marketing opportunity. These flash drives can also be distributed to tourists who attend local events from other cities. To enhance brand awareness, you can customize the flash drive to look like your company’s logo and publicize your products in other parts of the country.

3. Customizable and versatile

Custom USBs are versatile, and anything that you can imagine can be designed and developed as a flash drive. There are over thousands of choices for design, and you can choose one that appeals to you and is cheap. People like custom USBs because they can select the design and the shape and present someone or themselves with an ideal and unique, one-of-a-kind product. These flash drives can also be used at events or special parties to be gifted to employees to show they are appreciated.

These USBs can be good for trade shows. A custom USB is the perfect product to use at a trade show. You can add your company’s services to the flash drive and design the appearance based on your logo. A USB is a valuable product, and hence people will keep it for years. It is unlike a pamphlet that may be thrown away. Most people remember the stalls that give them free items. If people are impressed with your promotional item at a show, they are more likely to remember your company.

4. Bulk Gifts

People love customized gifts. You can order custom USBs for your wedding to be given as a wedding return gift. They can also be ordered as birthday party favors or company Christmas gifts. Most people also love free items. As per a study, people often keep promotional products around them if they are helpful. USBs can also be distributed to high school kids to promote brands or Universities. Everyone loves opening a present and seeing something they can use. Custom USBs can be created for an affordable price, and they can be unique and special presents to give as party favors or to use as corporate gifts.

5. Multiple Uses

Customized USBs are often ordered to be used in orientation packages or welcome packages. They can be included with welcome letters and more. Hotels can give away flash drives to build loyalty and let their guests store their trip photos on flash drives. Everyone wants a functional flash drive. These custom USBs can be used for anything.

You can bulk order USBs of different designs to save money. Most of us lose our flash drives because they all look the same. If your flash drive stands out, then you will not end up mixing it with someone else’s. You can order designs to replicate your favorite cartoon or TV character and even sell bulks of such designs in local markets or exhibitions.

Custom flash drives can also be used as a thank you gift. You can upload a grateful message onto the drive and then gift it to someone or everyone who attended a particular event. A personalized gift is not something anyone forgets, and you will reinforce your image and create a lasting impression.


Promotional items are necessary for companies that want an edge against their competition. People remember promotional products, and a custom USB is something that will enhance your clients and boost customer loyalty. People love personalized gifts. Hence, you can order custom flash drives to be used at promotional events, party favors, tradeshows, or distributed to company employees. People love custom flash drives because it lets them choose their USB and design it. You can contact us to discuss prices and designs. We love USBs and are open to discussing their benefits and design ideas all day long.